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5 Baby Care Products You Need

Many new parents feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of baby care products available. Caring for a baby requires you to learn on the job, and this includes knowing which products you need and which ones you can skip.

New parents will go all-in when choosing baby care products for the first time. By their second child, many parents will know which products to order in bulk and which ones to avoid altogether.

What baby care products do I need?

If you head to our pharmacist’s guide for first-time parents, you will see an extensive list of essential items for your newborn. Our essentials list includes medication, baby care products and essentials for the mother.

Remember that all babies are different, so what works for one parent might not work for another. This is why it makes sense to stock up on the essentials and then only buy products as you need them to avoid waste.

What products are safe for babies?

Babies have sensitive skin that needs extra care and attention. Look for products specially formulated for babies. If in doubt, check with a pharmacist before purchasing an item.

Keeping your babies skin clean and dry is essential for preventing nappy rash and skin irritation. Bathe your baby once a day, but no more than this. When drying your newborn’s skin, pat it gently with a towel. If possible, let your baby lay on a towel to give their skin some fresh air before putting on a nappy or dressing them.

If you notice your baby has a rash or unusual skin texture, your pharmacist can help you identify if this is caused by a product you are using, such as your washing powder. Even some products specifically meant for babies can be irritating to those with very sensitive skin.

What are the best baby care products for newborns?

Nappy rash creams

Many first-time parents assume that all nappy rash creams are created equal, but there are different creams for different rashes. You can choose from barrier creams, which form a protective layer to stop rashes from occurring. You can choose a medicated cream that contains an antiseptic to help prevent rashes from becoming infected. Or you can choose an emollient cream to help soothe and hydrate the skin.


Calpol is safe for use from two months old and can help your baby when they have pain or a fever. Calpol contains paracetamol in a sugar-free and pleasant-flavoured suspension. You can give Calpol to your child using a syringe or with a spoon as they get older. Calpol will help to soothe an irritable baby, so they can rest and heal.

Baby vitamin drops

From the age of six months, all breastfed babies should be given a daily vitamin supplement. Most baby vitamin drops contain vitamins A, C and D. These are all essential for growth, immunity and general health. If your baby has over 500ml of formula milk per day, they will not need baby vitamin drops.

Muslin cloths

You can never have enough muslin cloth squares with a newborn around. They are excellent for covering your clothes during feeding and burping, as they will catch any dribble. They are also handy for wiping up dribbles. On a hot day, many parents will use a thin muslin cloth to swaddle their baby. They can also be used to line cots to catch any dribble so you don’t have to change the sheets twice a day. And mother will be pleased to know they are also an excellent alternative to cleansing your face than a face cloth.

Nasal aspirator

Babies can’t blow their noses when they get stuffy. Allergies and respiratory tract infections can cause your baby to have excess mucus in their nose. A nasal aspirator will help you to clear this mucus so your baby can breathe easy.

By using an online pharmacy to source your essential baby care products, you can be confident you’ll never run out of the items you need the most. Live Well Nationwide offers free delivery on orders over £30. Get in touch today if you need help choosing from our wide selection of mother and baby products.

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