the words iron deficency written on a medical file - a blog about what happens when you're low on iron.

What Happens When You’re Low on Iron?

Signs of Iron Deficiency and Anemia If you are often tired, struggle to carry out everyday tasks and have pale or cold skin, you might be suffering from iron deficiency. Iron deficiency is sometimes referred to as anaemia and can have a huge impact on your daily life.  Simple tasks like walking up stairs might […]

the words vitamin d and coronavirus - a blog exploring the link betwwen vitamin d and coronavirus.

Vitamin D and Coronavirus: What Does the Evidence Say?

There is still so much we don’t know about the coronavirus, but in the face of the unknown, scientists are working hard to reduce the risk that the disease will be fatal. One ongoing theory is that the severity of coronavirus symptoms can be linked to vitamin D levels. It’s important to remember that correlation […]

How‌ ‌to‌ ‌Get‌ ‌Rid‌ ‌of‌ ‌Migraines

How to Get Rid of a Migraine (And Medication That Helps)

Migraines affect different people in different ways. Some might experience a splitting headache, while others may feel nauseated or fatigued. While some will experience a warning “aura” that a migraine is on its way, others will find they come on suddenly. Most common migraine symptoms include:  A splitting headache on one side of the head […]

Can I Buy Viagra over the Counter?

Erectile Dysfunction isn’t an easy condition to live with. If you’re looking for remedies, you might be wondering: “Can I buy Viagra over the counter? We help to treat a range of embarrassing conditions, and we’ve been working in the field for long enough to know that some conditions are a sensitive talking point. Conditions […]

Red eye before and after the use of Hylo Care eye drop

Stop Dry Eyes Damaging Your Eyesight with Hylo Care

Dry eyes are a common problem that many people face at some point in their lives. Hylo Care eye drops can provide the intensive therapeutic care you need to alleviate symptoms when eye ointments just aren’t an option. Symptoms of Dry Eyes Dry eyes are very uncomfortable and symptoms usually affect both eyes. Some people […]

the words vitman d and a picture of the sun written on the sand - a blog about symptoms of low vitamin d.

The Symptoms of Low Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a crucial vitamin that impacts several bodily systems, which means that low levels of vitamin D can affect you in a variety of ways. Vitamin D is made by cholesterol when your body is exposed to sunlight, and unlike its fellow vitamins, it functions similarly to a hormone. A vitamin D deficiency […]

a woman taking diet pills - a blog explaining how and if diet pills work

Do Any Diet Pills Work?

Weight loss is a goal that many people share and struggle with, so understandably, they seek out additional solutions such as diet pills to help them along the way. But do any diet pills actually help you to lose weight? According to a study in 2019, around 38% of adults in the UK said they […]

hay fever medication

Is Hay Fever Medication Safe for Long-Term Use?

During the warmer months, hay fever can be a frustrating condition if you don’t have an adequate form of medication. Treatments such as Prevalin Allergy are an effective way to fight off a pesky bout of hay fever, but is it safe to use over a long period? For a condition such as hay fever, […]

antifungal medication.

Can I Buy Antifungal Tablets without a Prescription?

Fungal infections are a common and frustrating ailment that can affect several areas of your body, but fortunately, there are a variety of medications available to treat infections. In this post, we discuss whether or not you can buy antifungal tablets online and over the counter without a prescription. Although in many cases, a fungal […]

Staying Dry After January

Staying Dry After January

Lots of people quit drinking to take part in Dry January every year, and that sort of mass effort can be a supportive environment. But what happens when Dry January ends? For the take-it-or-leave it drinkers, Dry January might pass with little effort. If you’ve found staying sober to be a challenge, and you’ve been […]

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