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Your NHS repeat prescriptions or Private Prescriptions delivered to your door for FREE

Getting a repeat prescription can be a hassle, but with our online service, you can get your NHS or private prescriptions delivered to your door for free. Just choose your prescription type and sign up today.

In around the Stoke-on-Trent areas such as; Fenton, Longton, Barlaston, Heron Cross, Trentham, Adderley Green, Goms Mill, Newstead, Hanford,Bentilee, Blurton, Lightwood, Meir, Meir Park, Hanley, & Shelton. we can deliver using our our vans. Outside  these areas we will have to check for you and if not it will be couriered out to you using other tracked delivery methods.

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How it Works

1. Order your prescription

Order your prescription via the phone, email, using one of the various apps or POD line (depends on area if not sure give us a call on 01782 310001 or email [email protected])

2. Dispense your prescription

We will then dispense your prescription, ask for any payment or you exemption status and get it ready for delivery

3. Delivery of your medication

We will then deliver your medication using either our own delivery vans (in around the Stoke-on-Trent/Staffordshire areas) or using another Tracked Delivery method