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Baby Starter Box Ideas: 11 Items for a Healthier Newborn

First-time parents can get overwhelmed with the sheer number of baby items they need when having a baby.

The truth is, your little one doesn’t need much more than nappies and clothes when they first come home. But if you want to make sure you have everything on hand for that first week home from the hospital, here are some great ideas!

These 11 items will be perfect for any new parents or friends and family who want to send along a little something extra in a baby starter box.

What is a baby box?

A baby box is a care package for first-time parents and their friends and family, to help them through that first week home from the hospital.

The idea of giving these boxes has been around since 1938; they were originally called “hospital caddies”. Baby starter boxes are usually filled with practical items such as nappies, clothes, baby wipes, towels and bed linen.

What makes Finnish baby boxes so unique is that the box becomes the child’s first bed. Once the items are removed, you’ll find a foam mattress that provides a safe place for your child to sleep.

What to include in a baby starter box

If you’re thinking about building a baby starter box for your friends or family members, consider adding the following items.

  • Nappies – this goes without saying. Babies go through around 10-12 nappies per day, so you know they will get used.

  • Baby wipes – every changing time requires baby wipes that are specially formulated for their delicate skin.

  • Soothing cream – barrier cream helps to prevent nappy rash.

  • A hooded bath towel – make bath time extra adorable with a soft and fluffy hooded bath towel.

  • Baby shampoo and body wash – babies have very sensitive skin, so they need a gentle wash that won’t upset their skin.

  • Clothes – a few neutral outfits are ideal for those first few days. Choosing gender-neutral clothing will mean you don’t have to wait around to discover the child’s sex.

  • Blankets – swaddling helps babies to feel more secure and can help them to sleep better at night.

  • Bibs – because babies spit up a lot! Parents will go through at least six bibs per day, so don’t be afraid to buy them in every colour.

  • Baby vitamins – healthy start drops will ensure the child gets enough vitamins and minerals to grow up big and strong.

  • A dummy with a clip – not all parents will give their child a dummy, but if they do, they will appreciate one with a clip. The clip helps to avoid it dropping on the floor when they inevitably spit it out.

  • Nasal aspirator – this helps to remove mucus from a child’s nose to allow them to breathe more easily. This is an essential item for those winter colds and sniffles.

Things to avoid in a baby box

The baby box is intended to help parents in the first few weeks and doesn’t need to include everything they will ever need. Parents typically buy a lot of the larger items they need before the baby is born, so you don’t need to worry about the following items:

  • Baby monitor – this is something that the parents will take care of, so avoid giving them duplicates that they have to return or exchange.

  • Baby bathtub – another large item that you can skip. Unless the parents have specifically asked for one, you can usually assume they have thought of this.

  • Newborn sized clothing – most parents say they just want to buy a small amount of newborn size clothing because their baby will grow out of it quickly! If you are unsure, ask them what they need and don’t give anything else that is not on their list.

Share the baby gift with friends

You don’t have to buy everything alone. Sharing the gift with friends and family can ensure you give the new parents everything they need for their newborn. And no one has to break the bank.

Share the list of recommended items with everyone who wants to participate and let them choose their items. Put everything together in a large box and you’ll have the ideal newborn baby starter box to present to the new parents.

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