Sodium Feredetate Iron 190mg/5ml Sugar Free Oral Solution 500ml


Oral solution supplement used to treat iron-deficiency anaemia. Gentle on the stomach and does not cause tooth discolouration.

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If you have low iron levels, you may have iron-deficiency anaemia. This can be treated with an iron-rich diet and iron supplements. Sodium Feredetate Iron 190mg/5ml Sugar Free Oral Solution contains 27.5mg elemental iron per 5ml.

  • Natural black cherry flavour
  • Contains 190mg/5ml sodium feredetate
  • For treatment of iron deficiency anaemia

Iron is essential for producing haemoglobin, which is responsible for transporting oxygen in the blood. When your body does not have enough iron, this is called iron deficiency anaemia. It can lead to symptoms such as shortness of breath, tiredness, heart palpitations and pale skin. Iron deficiency anaemia is often the result of blood loss or pregnancy. It may also be used to treat anaemia as the result of rheumatoid arthritis in children and adults.

Sodium Feredetate is a form of iron that is well-tolerated and less likely to cause stomach upset. This makes it an ideal choice for pregnant women suffering from iron deficiency anaemia. This form of iron supplement does not cause tooth discolouration. The best way to confirm iron deficiency anaemia is with a blood test. This will check if the levels of serum iron in the blood are within the normal range. Deficiencies are common and easily treated with an iron supplement such as Sodium Feredetate Iron.

This Sodium Feredetate Iron supplement is a sugar-free formulation with a natural black cherry flavouring. Side effects of taking this supplement may include stomach upset or diarrhoea in the early stages of treatment. These symptoms will go away once you stop taking the supplement. You can then resume taking the supplement at a lower dose.


  • Active ingredients: sodium feredetate, 190 mg/5 ml.
  • The other ingredients are methyl hydroxybenzoate (E218), propyl hydroxybenzoate (E216), citric acid monohydrate, saccharin sodium, glycerol, sorbitol (E420), ethanol, ponceau 4R (E124), black cherry flavouring and water.


  • 500ml bottle


  • Adults should take 1-2x 5ml spoonful 3 times per day.

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