how to clean a tommee tippee prep machine

How to Clean A Tommee Tippee Prep Machine

Breast may be best, but for those unable to breastfeed or for those who need to supplement with formula, the Tommee Tippee Prep Machine is a parent’s best friend.

This machine creates perfect formula at the touch of the button, meaning you can do night feeds with your eyes barely open. No more waiting for the kettle to boil while

Keeping your Tommee Tippee Prep Machine clean is essential to avoid product build-up that could be harmful to your baby. This blog post will outline how to clean your Tommee Tippee Prep Machine, how often to clean it, and other top tips to keep your machine working perfectly.

What is the Tommee Tippee Prep Machine?

The Tommee Tippee Prep Machine is a kitchen appliance that creates fresh baby formula at the touch of a button. The machine allows you to make 4-11 fl oz of formula at a time in just a few simple steps.

This item is a must-have for new parents who want to save time preparing formula. It’s also ideal when family or friends babysit, as they don’t have to follow pages of instructions for preparing the formula. Instead, just hit the button and wait for the machine to dispense the right amount of filtered boiling water, mix in the formula, and then top up with cold filtered water for the perfect bottle.

How often should you clean the Tommee Tippee Prep Machine?

Just like any other method of making up a feed, you should always follow good hygiene practices. While this machine might simplify things, regular maintenance is still required to help keep everything working correctly and free from germs.

You should wipe down your Tommee Tippee Prep Machine after every use and then give it a deep clean every four weeks. You should also deep clean the machine every time you replace the filter. And if the device has been unused for seven days or more, you should also deep clean it before using it again.

How to Clean A Tommee Tippee Prep Machine

To deep clean your Tommee Tippee Prep Machine, you need to start by taking it apart.

  1. Remove the lip, water hopper and bottle stand.
  2. Set the filter to one side, top side down to keep it free from germs.
  3. Use a soft clean cloth and antibacterial spray to wipe down the exterior of the machine. Make sure you clean all grooves and under the machine.
  4. Wash the lid, water hopper, and bottle stand in plenty of warm, soapy water and rinse thoroughly in fresh water. Leave these items to air dry. Don’t use a cloth or tea towel to dry them.

Next, you’re going to clean inside the machine using the cleaning programme.

  1. Using a cold water sterilising solution, make 1.8l of cold solution and fill up the tank. Place a jug or other container under the water spout and then start the cleaning programme by pushing the button on the side of the machine.
  2. If your container fills up partway through the cycle, press the start button to pause the cycle. This will allow you to empty the container, replace it, and restart the cycle by pressing the cleaning programme button again.

You can also use vinegar and boiling water to clean your machine.

  1. All 1 litre of white vinegar to the water tank. Top up with freshly boiled water to the fill line. Run the programme as above, stopping to empty the water jug as required.

When to replace your filter

The Tommee Tippee Prep Machine water filter is designed to process 150 litres, which should last around three months based on six feeds per day. When the filter light is solid red, this is an early warning. Once it starts flashing, you know it’s time to change the filter.

You can order Tommee Tippee Prep Machine filters on subscription, so you know you’ll always have the next one ready to go.

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