Hypromellose 0.3% Eye Drops For Dry Eyes – 6 x 10ml (Brand May Vary)

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Hypromellose 0.3% Eye Drops – For Dry Eyes are also known as ‘artificial tears’and are used in the eye to relieve dryness and irritation caused by a reduced flow of tears.

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Hypromellose0.3%  Eye Drops can be used as a lubricant for dry eyes that are irritated and uncomfortable and can also be used to moisturise hard contact lenses. They provide immediate relief of dry eye conditions associated with the use of computers and televisions, infrequent blinking, certain medical treatments, atmospheric pollution and drying atmospheres (air conditioning, central heating, wind and sun).

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  • Put the drop into the pocket formed by gently pulling down the eyelid and close the eye for 1-2 minutes.
  • After a few days most people only need to use the drops about 4 times a day, if you need to use the drops more than 6 times a day return to your GP.


Before using hypromellose eye drops make sure your doctor or pharmacist knows:

  • if you wear contact lenses.
  • if you have ever had an allergic reaction to this or any other medicine.
  • if you are taking or using any other medicines, including those available to buy without a prescription, herbal or complementary medicines.


Hypromellose (4500) 0.3% w/v, boraz, benzalkonium chloride 0.01% w/v, boric acid, sodium chloride and purified water. May contain hydrochloric acid or sodium hydroxide


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