Practical Tips for Remembering To Take Medication

Practical Tips for Remembering To Take Medication

If you need to take medication on a regular basis or look after someone who does, you’ll know the importance of remembering to take it on time. Fortunately, there are plenty of medication reminders available which can help you keep track!

Set a reminder or an alarm

For the huge number of us walking around with a small computer in our pockets, setting a medication reminder or alarm on our phones is a quick fix. It will help you remember to take your medicine at the right time each day.

You could even name each reminder so that you know which dosage to take and when, if you need more than one type.

Set a reminder or an alarm

Using a medication reminder app such as Medisafe can give users more scope for managing complicated medication timetables. Some apps allow you to create multiple profiles, which can be useful if you need help managing medications for more than one person. They can also track prescriptions, and issue a reminder when it’s time to order a repeat.

Use a pillbox

Pill organisers are especially useful if you sometimes struggle with remembering whether or not you’ve already had your tablets. They can also help if you have a complicated medication schedule, such as taking different pills on different days.Use a pill box

A pillbox might not be the active reminder that some patients need, but can be a useful way to organise things.

Try using a timed pill safe

Pill safes or lockers that have a timer have one huge advantage, and that’s safety. They’re a bit like a pillbox, in that you can organise your medication in advance, and then programme the timer to deliver the correct dosage when needed.

The safe cannot be opened again until the correct time unless using the override function (such as entering a code or using a key. It can be a big help towards avoiding accidental dosing in high-risk patients, such as dementia sufferers (though it doesn’t guarantee that they will actually take the medication!)

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