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We at Live Well Nationwide take customer satisfaction to be part of our core agenda.

However, we understand that on the rare occasion things don’t go quite as smoothly as we would like.

We would like to say that if we do receive a complaint we will acknowledge it within 72 hours and aim to resolve it within 14 days (we would not like you to be waiting around).

If you have any issues or comments about your online medicine orders please email our customer care email address [email protected]
If you have any issues or comments about the prescription services please email our Complaints Manager Tayab Khurshid
on [email protected] FAO of Tayab Khurshid in your subject line.

This matter will then be fully investigated and you will receive a detailed response to your complaint.

Alternatively, please write to:

Tayab Khurshid
Complaints Manager
Live Well Nationwide
95 Trentham Road

In the event that your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, or, we haven’t provided you with a resolution within 6 months, you do have third-party options available to you for your matter to be escalated. These include: Trading standards, Citizens advice Bureau, Your local Health Authority, The retail Ombudsman or you can obtain independent legal advice. See for more information.
In the unlikely event you have a complaint to raise with us we pride ourselves on reaching a suitable resolution quickly. However, if you feel your complaint has not been resolved adequately then please forward your feedback directly to:

General Pharmaceutical Council
25 Canada Square
London, E14 5LQ

Phone: 0203 713 8000

Patient Satisfaction Survey Annual Report

Period: 1st April 2018 – 31 March 2019

The Live Well Nationwide patient satisfaction questionnaire is designed to gather information on the journey that a patient takes with us. The questionnaire consists of 13 questions and by asking these specific questions it allows us to see what aspects of the patient journey requires improvement .

You can read the full survey in PDF format here: Live Well Nationwide Customer Satisfaction Survey 2018 – 2019.