Aqualyx Fat Dissolver – 10x8ml


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Aqualyx is a ground-breaking method of weight loss that has been tried and true. Aqualyyx, which uses an aqueous gel to eliminate excess fat, is a non-surgical technique to target and permanently kill fat cells. Aqualyx uses a slow-release sugar-based technology that is entirely biodegradable and biocompatible to dissolve cellulite at the injection site before it travels through the body via the lymphatic and excretory systems.

What exactly do I get in the box?

10 Aqualyx 8 ml vials

What are Aqualyx’s advantages?

It is advised to use Aqualyx for removing stubborn fat when diet and exercise fail Getting rid of fatty and cellulite deposits Treat male pseudo gynecomastia All of the following bodily parts are suitable for use: Thighs





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