Your Pharmacist’s Guide to Healthy Weight Loss

Your Pharmacist’s Guide to Healthy Weight Loss

If you’re thinking of losing weight, or if you have hit a plateau in your slimming efforts, read these diet tips.


Is losing weight good for my health?

It can actually be harmful for someone who is already at, or under, their healthy weight to lose more. But being overweight or obese increases the risk of some really nasty problems, such as heart disease or joint pain.

Carefully controlled weight loss can reduce the risk of severe health conditions, and even losing just a few pounds will start to make a big difference. There are noticeable psychological benefits of starting to lose weight, too, helping you to feel better and do the things you enjoy more easily.

Essential weight-loss tip

Losing weight is a long term goal, and should be undertaken carefully and safely – especially to keep the pounds off!

Long term, sustainable weight loss

Rather than following fad diets which can be harmful to your body, look for dietary support from reputable sources. Yo-yo dieting, losing and regaining weight in a short cycle, can make you feel worse, so concentrate on long-term lifestyle changes which support sustainable weight loss.

Who can help me lose weight?

Achieving your weight loss goals can be hard work but there are lots of places to ask for help and guidance. Some dieters are surprised to learn that seemingly healthy foods are quite the opposite, so getting the proper advice is essential.

  • The NHS have published a 12 week weight loss guide designed to help new dieters understand their body’s nutritional needs.
  • The British Heart Foundation (BHF) have a range of quizzes and articles, including tips for sustainable weight loss.
  • You might want to visit your GP to check if there are any underlying health issues which are contributing to your weight, or are caused by it.
  • Your GP or pharmacist can also advise you about dietary supplements as part of your weight management programme.
  • Consider joining your local slimming club for emotional support and practical tips.
Essential weight-loss tip

Working on your eating and exercise habits can be an emotional experience. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, and every small step counts.

Are there any safe weight loss supplements?

The dangers of some weight loss supplements has been well documented in the media, but not all of them are unsafe.

Slimming aids should always be bought from a reputable source, and only after carefully checking that they are the right solution for you. You can always talk to our pharmacy team if you’d like help deciding.

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