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over the counter iron supplements

Can I Get Over The Counter Iron Supplements in the UK?

Iron supplements are commonly used to help treat iron deficiency anaemia. They are available in different strengths, from under the daily recommended allowance to much higher than 100%. Most people will find a multivitamin provides enough iron for their requirements. However, those with an iron deficiency may need a different type of iron in a […]

Does My Baby Need Vitamin D?

Does My Baby Need Vitamin D?

Whether you are having your first baby or your third baby, it is always hard to know what is best for your child. With advice and recommendations constantly changing, parents can quickly become confused and overwhelmed. When it comes to the health of a child, parents are naturally cautious. This is why relying on the […]

A selection of foods on the table with a sign that reads iron

5 Signs of Iron Deficiency

Iron is essential for producing red blood cells. When your body struggles to produce enough red blood cells, this is a condition known as anaemia. When you are anaemic, you might find that you lack the energy to do everyday tasks. Walking up the stairs will leave you tired out, and you might get dizzy […]

Plant-based meal in a bowl being held.

Vegan Vitamins: A Guide on What to Take

Following a vegan diet had many benefits, but you may need to take extra care to make sure you’re getting all of the vitamins and minerals you need. We often rely on a varied diet to get all of the vitamins and minerals our bodies need to function and removing all animal products from our […]

Multivitamins on spoons with leaves

Do Multivitamins Work? Why We Need Vitamins

The human body is incredibly complex and we still don’t fully understand it. However, what we do know is that we all need a balanced diet to survive and this is because a varied diet ensures our bodies get a range of vitamins and minerals essential for the body’s proper function. Why should I take […]

the words vitamin d and coronavirus - a blog exploring the link betwwen vitamin d and coronavirus.

Vitamin D and Coronavirus: What Does the Evidence Say?

There is still so much we don’t know about the coronavirus, but in the face of the unknown, scientists are working hard to reduce the risk that the disease will be fatal. One ongoing theory is that the severity of coronavirus symptoms can be linked to vitamin D levels. It’s important to remember that correlation […]

the words vitman d and a picture of the sun written on the sand - a blog about symptoms of low vitamin d.

The Symptoms of Low Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a crucial vitamin that impacts several bodily systems, which means that low levels of vitamin D can affect you in a variety of ways. Vitamin D is made by cholesterol when your body is exposed to sunlight, and unlike its fellow vitamins, it functions similarly to a hormone. A vitamin D deficiency […]